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Nicole and Matthew - Watsons Bay, Sydney


Lets start by saying there was no other words I could use to describe this day. I was, for once, speechless.

Nicole and Matt met on a crowded dance floor, her incredible smile and killer dance skills, made Matt slide across and (after a couple of moves) ask for a date.

Matt's effervescent personality and charm will win you over in a matter of moments, the rest - they say - is History.

I met Nicole in 2011, at a wedding I was shooting in Prague and fell in love with her kindness and of course her incredible smile. (Here's a little pic from Buddha Bar Prague).

To see the complete gallery click here

Nicole is effortlessly organised, a planner of details, a woman with talent to deliver a day without seeming to break a sweat. No tiny detail was overlooked.

It turns out the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, was the perfect location. I could not get enough of the amazing interiors and the detail.

Watsons Bay Boutique hotel, amazing

Oh Nicole, Seriously...

Watsons Bay, Sydney, Gorgeous Bride

And of course.. The Dress. was. spectacular.

Surrounded by her oldest friend and her sisters, the girls sipped champagne, listened to music and filled the room with laughter.

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Wedding

Not to be outdone, the groom and his handsome, cheeky groomsmen, provided level 10 entertainment and laughs - before, during and after the whole how to tie a bow tie situation.

Almost stole the show (and the bar) literally.

Boys at the bar.. they should be at the wedding.. right about now..

Which allowed for more time to me to shoot the bride at the Watsons Bay Hotel

The arrival at Dunbar House.

Nicole and Matt asked for (and the guests respected) an unplugged wedding. A wedding where people get off their phones and into the moment - watching two beautiful friends - make a commitment forever.

It was inspiring and a dream to photograph.

Mr and Mrs Small, sealed with a kiss - under the magnificent fig tree.

Watsons Bay has the most amazing backdrops, I could have kept shooting well after we lost light.

I can still hear the Karaoke from the groomsmen as we walked down the beach.

Stop it, you gorgeous people.

The reception was held in the stunning sunset room of the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Honestly you guys are just too much

The boys made an entrance..

But then, they met on a dance floor so no one could or would out shine the bride and groom.

The best man gave perhaps the best - best man speech - I have heard. Ever.

There were stories, demonstrations, hysterics and tears

of laughter..

to see more of this wedding - go to

Nicole and Matt, you're gorgeous and wonderful and inspiring. I wish you all the happiness for the future, and cannot wait to hear about your next chapter.

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